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"It is so inspirational and easy to read. You have done an excellent job. I can even see your book being used in workshops to empower others. It's definitely worth taking on the road." 

B. Lasenby


"I have already re-read this book multiple times since ordering it. I am so inspired to move forward and pursue my dream of starting a business. The author really shares her mind and heart with readers in this book. Her passion and enthusiasm literally jump off the page, so to speak! I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her wisdom. The thought of starting a business can be intimidating, but the author's empowering style has really positively impacted me. Each time I re-read it, my confidence grew. I really enjoyed reading about her journey, as well as those entrepreneurs she surveyed. It is so inspirational. It is amazing how we all take different paths in life, and can all end up at the same destination. After reading this book, I know that I have what it takes to make it happen. Thank you for writing this book, Rachelle!!!! It is life changing for those who want to follow in your footsteps, and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true." (AspiringEntepreneur2013, via Amazon.com)


"I am sure that all of us have at one point or other dreamed of turning our personal passions to become the job of our dreams. However, only a few seem to be making this into reality. Personally I had been going through this issue for a while now and never actually knew how to proceed from that original thought. That is why stumbling upon this book was extraordinary, as it actually helped me by answering a number of questions and addressing the concerns that was preventing me from starting up a business. It discusses topics such as the importance of understanding accounting and the importance of proper planning and preparation, amongst others. This book is definitely a positive step towards the right direction!"

(Melissa Greenberg, via Amazon.com)



IT IS REALLY GOOD." (received written in all caps)

Richard R. Byrd


"I really enjoyed reading your book, and look forward to your next book signing at the Barksdale Air Force Base Exchange."

​Renwick Dwight Scott


"I am loving the book, and am going to tell everyone I know about it. I want you to speak at my church the next time you are in town."


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