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My name is Rachelle Smith, and my services include professional speaking, training, coaching, and consulting for corporations, businesses, colleges, organizations, and individuals. I am based in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and accept clients across the United States and the globe. 


My mission is to positively and passionately partner with and help you achieve the stellar success you desire and deserve!


As your trusted adviser, I strive to partner with you to take your corporation, business, organization, or life to an unparalleled level. Are you ready? Let's make it happen!


My unwavering and undeniable vision is to help corporations, business owners, organizations and individuals grow and reach their highest potential. The next level of success awaits you. Get ready!


Now about me.


My joyous career journey began at age 12 with my own business selling candy in junior high school, in Biloxi, Mississippi. As a result of a family move the following year to Seoul, South Korea, I worked as a grocery sacker at the Yongsan Army Base Commissary, in a 'tips only' position. I gave a pitch in English or Korean to passionately persuade customers to choose my lane, and have the opportunity to earn their tips. My soul for Sales was birthed, and I also learned the importance of marketing myself to stand out from the competition. What a fantastic foundational lesson for my future career!

Let's fast forward a few years. My collegiate background includes earning my bachelor's from LSU-S (Shreveport, LA), and then earning dual master's degrees from Florida International University (Miami, FL), and Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). I began my career with marketing and branding powerhouse General Mills (Minneapolis, MN) in the Betty Crocker Division. It was a great opportunity to learn from the best of the best. I subsequently had a successful Sales career in corporate America for several years in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries with other Fortune 500 companies.


I'm a member of the Alumni Council of 100 (C100) at Northwestern University, in addition to being a guest lecturer on Entrepreneurship/Branding/Career Planning. I'm also a past special events keynote speaker at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, and guest lecturer on Business/Branding/Career Planning/Leadership. I'm also a member of several professional organizations. I am also a certified fitness trainer. I've been positively passionate about my own fitness for more than 20 years, and am excited that health, wellness, and fitness is a part of my platform! 


Writing is one of my greatest passions! I'm an avid writer and the author or several booksFor more information on my books, and passion for writing, please visit www.rachellewrites.com. 


When you partner with Positive Creative Infusion Consulting, LLC, you can expect three things: (1) positive energy, (2) creative concepts, and (3) an infusion of new ideas to propel your corporation, organization, or individual life forward. Visit the testimonials page to read how I've helped others, and will do the same for you. 


Get ready.


Don't waste another minute. 


The time is now. 


It's your time to shine.


Are you ready?


The time is now.


Cheers to your success!

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